Fragrance X

Fragrance X 100ml Reed Diffuser

SKU: RD101
  • To activate remove items from packaging and carefully remove the plastic stopper from the bottle and discard.  Place the chrome head cover on to the bottle and screw into place.  Place the reeds into the neck of the bottle and leave for approximately one hour before carefully removing the reeds, turning upside down and placing back into the bottle.  Reeds do not need to be turned periodically as we use the best quality, wide reeds which are able to coninually disperse fragrance without the need for turning.

    Our reed diffusers are made with flammable liquid, do not light reeds or ingest.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  People suffering from perfume sensitivity should not use this product.  Use gloves when handling used reeds.

    Do not place the diffuser directly on to polished, plasic, waxed, leather, wooden or delicate surfaces.  Do not place on top of electrical items.  Acciental spillage may cause damage to certain items.

    For specific ingredient lists and cautions refer to the individually leaflet supplied with each item when purchased.