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HNW Cleaning Services

as individual as you are

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We are experts at meeting the needs of our High-Net-Worth clients.  We provide a discreet, efficient service guaranteeing you a flawless finish with assured confidentiality.

We will always give you the same cleaners or housekeepers each time we visit to promote maximum confidentiality and consistency.  Your contract will be expertly managed by a designated person who will be the main liaison for you, or your estate management staff.

 Our cleaning service can be tailored to your needs so can be complete, or used alongside your existing estate staff, to enhance or compliment, their work,

We work for many HNW clients including A list celebrities and top 20 rich list families.  We are uniquely placed to understand the requirements of estate managers and house managers to ensure a smooth service is provided at the highest possible level.


We follow strict cross contamination policies and provide all HNW clients with dedicated cleaning equipment for sole use within their estate.

We only use our own fully trained, insured, employed staff and will never subject you to a self-employed cleaners or agency cleaners.  We pride ourselves on high standards and will regularly ask you for feedback.

Call us on our dedicated HNW client number 07553 053289 or complete a booking form today to request details.

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