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'to be the best cleaning service provider in Berkshire'
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How will we achieve this?

Our Staff

  • ensure our recruitment process filters only the best candidates who share our vision

  • have a reward system for staff who follow our vision and delight our customers

  • create a training program for every staff member to ensure their skills are up to date

  • have a development program for every member of staff so they have direction and a clear career path

  • treat every member of staff equally

Our Customers​

  • check with our customers after every visit that they are happy with our service

  • regularly ask our customers for feedback on our service by email, post and online through our website and review sites

  • treat our customers as individuals and tailor their service to suit their needs

Our Business​

  • analyse our services quarterly to ensure we remain current in our offerings

  • comply with all legislation to protect our staff and customers

  • be as flexible as we can be and wherever possible, say yes to our customers and not no whenever we can

  • do what we say we will to do and where we fail, compensate our customers

  • ensure our staff and customers are seen as individuals at all times and treat them with respect, honesty and integrity,

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"I found the The Little Cottage Cleaning Company with a quick Google search, and I couldn’t have been happier. They were fast, friendly, and stuck to the price they quoted."

Marian Edwards

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