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Office Cleaning Services

tailored to your business

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Our office cleaning service can be as often or as infrequent as you wish and is available throughout Berkshire and South Oxfordshire.  If you live outside of these areas please contact us to see what office cleaning services we can offer.

There will always be a minimum period of two hours for our regular daily office cleaners, weekly office cleaners, fortnightly office cleaners or monthly office cleaning services.  We are also able to offer one off office deep cleaning on request.


As with all of our cleaning services, we only use the best bio-degradable, eco-friendly products alongside microfiber cloths to give the best results when cleaning your office.  We do not use mops but instead use hygienic floor cleaning machines that wash and vacuum at the same time.

 Our regular office cleaning service can include as much or as little as you want such as:

vacuuming floors

dusting furniture

wet washing hard surfaced floors

removing cobwebs

Specialist IT cleaning

polishing furniture

dusting skirting boards

cleaning kitchen worktops, cupboard fronts and sinks

cleaning and descaling rest room and toilet facilities

We will even move out furniture that can be easily moved to clean behind it and heavier items on request.  We are happy to include any other services you require so please contact us.  

We only use our own fully trained, insured, employed staff and will never subject you to a self employed or agency cleaner.  We pride ourselves on high standards and will regularly ask you for feedback.

Don't forget, we use biodegradable, eco friendly products alongside microfiber and the latest in floor cleaning machines.  This saves you time and money by getting the job done quicker whilst ensuring your staff are working in a clean, chemical free environment.    

Our office cleaning rates start from £18 plus VAT

Call us or complete a booking form today or call us to request service.

All Commercial Cleaning Services are supplied by Little Cottage Industries Ltd 11561157

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